The way you feel affects everything in your life. Your relationships, career, income, the way you think, your decisions, even your emotions. A healthy, pain-free body allows you to fully enjoy every aspect of your life.

You are reading this information right now because you, a family member, or friend is suffering from pain. You’re searching for a treatment program that offers a genuine, no-hassle approach to get rid of your pain. A treatment plan that is not complicated and is easy to follow.

Let’s start simple. To understand pain, you must first understand what pain is. Pain is the body’s way of signaling us that something is wrong with our bodies. Whether the pain in your back, neck, arms, legs, or a chronic headache, there is a specific reason for your pain. Patients come to our clinic hoping we can help them find the cause of their pain. Many have been to other doctors who only provided drugs to relieve the pain rather than find the underlying cause. Since 1979, I have examined thousands of patients, helping them to zero in on the cuase of their pain. After locating the cause, we provide a drug-free treatment program to correct, manage or relieve the problem.

West Virginia suffers from one of the worst drug problems in the nation. We have the highest death rate due to drug abuse. Many of the people who die each year from drug abuse started down this fatal path because they suffered pain-associated conditions that could have been treated successfully without drugs. They may have been told they were just getting older, that nothing could be done for their condition, you’ll just have to live with it, or it will go away in time by itself. Nevertheless, they were provided drugs at that time rather than any treatment. However, in time they became addicted and their lives changed.

Whether your pain has been present for years, a few days or weeks, let’s get started on a positive direction. Our comprehensive examination of your bone structure, muscle development, joint mobility, and nervous system will most likely reveal the cause of your pain. We will evaluate your lifestyle and diet, while providing a specific treatment program tailored to your problems. This will allow for correction and provide wellness and training safeguards that will help you stay healthy after treatment and prevent future problems.

We look forward to helping you enjoy the rest of your life. However, the next step is yours. Call our office and our friendly staff will schedule you an appointment and answer any other questions you may have.